My experience at LIFEbeat

Fight for Peace Youth Council member, Kenny Udenwoke, recently took part in a LIFEBeat Summer Camp together with three fellow young people from the London Academy. LIFEBeat is a UK charity which engages creative power to change young people’s lives. Here, Kenny tells us about his experiences at camp:

Hi everyone, my name is Kenny and I recently attended a LIFEBeat camping trip. At first I was reluctant to go on this trip, however I was not going to let this feeling ruin the journey as I knew that I had to step into this journey with an open mind.I got to the meeting point where we were to board the coach and met some new people. Thanks to Leo and Karim, members of Fight for Peace, and El-t, a new member of the Academy, I was able to give them a vibrant smile.

The camping trip consisted of a 6 day programme where we slept in tents and did outdoor socialising and team building activities. The activity I enjoyed the most was an activity they call the heart circle, where everyone comes together and, if willing, shares any difficulties or challenges faced in their lives and such an activity can really open a person’s mind towards others.

Personally, I felt that this trip taught me a lot. Firstly, I learnt that if you have prejudice against someone, you will not be able to truly know and understand who that person is and, most importantly, the course taught me to let go of all the anger inside and let in the peace and tranquility to have a better life.