Miss Koch Kenya

Location: Korogocho, Nairobi
Combat sport: Karate
Focus areas: Gender equality, GBV, education, culture, talent development, entrepreneurship, health.
Established: 2001
Joined the FFP Alumni: June 2013
Contact: Emmie Erondanga
Website: http://misskoch.org/

The Korogocho slum is the fourth largest in Nairobi and one of most densely populated settlements in the world. It is an unsafe neighbourhood and many residents fear speaking out against the violence and human rights violations for fear of reprisals. This has led to an increasingly strong culture of criminal impunity that has allowed levels of violence, rape and gang activity to increase considerably.

Miss Koch Kenya (MKK) was originally founded as a girls’ emancipation and empowerment organization but they have since expanded their work to include boys as well. Emmie saw a need to provide young people in urban slums with a platform for increased participation in the socio-economic and political development processes of their communities. Based at the heart of Korogocho, MKK’s resource centre has become a meeting place for all the young people in the community. Offering a wide range of empowerment activities, it is equipped with computers for internet access, indoor games and learning materials for educational programmes. Miss Koch also implements mentoring and life skills classes to support those children most at risk.

Miss Koch were recently nominated by city authorities to work with a group of reformed gang members who presented themselves to authorities indicating that they no longer wished to participate in criminal activity. Miss Koch are supporting these young people in their rehabilitation process and, through their participation in GAP, will design a holistic programme of activities based on B&MA and youth support services. It is also Emmie’s intention for to diversify current funding streams and move towards greater financial security for the organisation.