Lutadoras win prestigious Beyond 2020 design competition

28/01/2019 – Six Lutadoras from Fight for Peace’s London Academy have been awarded the top prize in a prestigious design competition to create a living space for the future. The competition, staged by the Beyond Boundaries team at HTA Design, in collaboration with Seerbridge, was aimed at young people aged 11-15 years old and required participating teams to produce a creative storyboard, a LEGO digital design and a physical prototype model built in LEGO.

The winning design was a community space which prioritised sustainable living and included elements such as eco-friendly solar panels, a roof garden producing fresh fruit and vegetables and a fresh water swimming pool. In order to create the final design, the young people from Fight for Peace conducted research into housing in the local community and thought critically about what was needed to best serve local residents.


Lutadoras is a programme at Fight for Peace which promotes personal development among its members, through a combination of combat sports, educational workshops and support services tailored to individual needs – all offered in a female-only space.

The programme aims to bring about both personal and social change. Combat sports sessions, which improve fitness and mental health, lead to increased self-esteem and challenge gender stereotypes, are combined with weekly discussions and workshops designed to build inner confidence and solidarity. The design competition was one of the ways the group has built team work and leadership skills since its creation.


“The competition involved research, creativity and strategic thinking and it provided an excellent opportunity for our Lutadoras to come together and show their talent and teamwork”, explained Katie-Wambui Kings, Female Engagement Lead at the Fight for Peace London Academy. “The project created lots of extra work for those involved and so it was very pleasing to win the competition – the sense of accomplishment was huge and the winning team really deserved the recognition they got for their hard work!”