Location: Cape Town, and nation-wide
Combat sport: Boxing
Focus areas: Health, HIV prevention, youth development
Established: 1998
Joined the FFP Alumni: November 2013
Contact: Vernon Endley

Lovelife are a very well-known and highly regarded youth development organisation that operates across the whole of South Africa.

Their aim is to promote a holistic lifestyle approach aimed at encouraging youth to maintain an HIV-free lifestyle and achieve their aspirations through leadership and self-motivation. To achieve this goal, LoveLife offers a comprehensive set of programmes including:

Nationwide awareness and education campaigns – including television, radio, outdoor media, web and print – to promote future, identity and self-worth among young people
A countrywide programme of community and outreach support, implemented by a national volunteer corps of more than 1,200 youth leaders known as groundBREAKERS, who are trained to motivate, educate and engage their peers
Multi-purpose youth facilities, or Y-Centres, providing skills development, sexual health and lifeskills information as well as recreation in non-clinical settings
Family programmes designed to initiate dialogue between parents and children, and to help parents (and grandparents through the goGogetter programme) to support young people to lead healthy, positive lives
Youth friendly health services initiative in public clinics
Toll-free national help lines providing specialised counseling and support for teenagers and parents.
They will now be piloting a boxing programme in one of their centres in Cape Town and integrating it with their range of holistic services.