Boxers add to experience at Fight for Peace London Academy Boxing Show

21/03/2017 – The Fight for Peace London Academy staged its second Boxing Show of 2017, offering a chance for young boxers from across the UK capital to test their skills and gain competitive experience. With several bouts unfortunately being cancelled due to injury and competitor withdrawals, only two Fight for Peace athletes took to the ring. There were a total of ten fights with a strong showing of competitors from West Ham Boxing Club.

Fight for Peace’s Eniola Akingbesote opened the show and, as in his previous performances, once again showed his class, dominating his opponent in only his third competitive encounter. As it was a junior bout that focuses on gaining experience and learning valuable lessons, no winner was declared. “I feel great because I’m getting to take the opportunities that are presenting themselves in front of me. I want to be the best in the area, then the world”, said Eniola.


The final bout of the day fell to Fight for Peace’s experienced competitor Elyas Azize. A great contest looked like it was on the cards with exciting exchanges taking place early in the first round. Unfortunately for Elyas, however, the intensity of the first round caused an injury to his eye and the bout was subsequently stopped.

Despite a small showing from Fight for Peace’s athletes, it was another eventful show with some exciting contests. Eniola showed his worth and is making great strides to be a top future contender. Elyas demonstarted great promise to begin with and will no doubt come back stronger than ever when he next enters the ring.