Kolbe Foundation (Belize Central Prison)

Location: Belize City, Belize
Combat sport: Boxing
Focus areas: Rehabilitation, re-integration, youth engagement
Established: 1992
Joined the FFP Alumni: November 2012
Contact: Taheera Ahmad
Website: www.kolbe.bz

Belize Central Prison is the only prison in Belize, and as such works with men, women, young offenders, and across all levels of security. FFP is working specifically with the Wagner Youth Facility which houses young people who are incarcerated for a range of offences including gang related violence, murder and use of firearms.

The prison is managed by the Kolbe Foundation, an NGO dedicated to providing a secure, humane facility geared towards meaningful rehabilitation and re-integration. As a result, the staff deliver a number of personal development programmes for young people including vocational training, employment support, parenting skills and education, plus rehabilitation programmes such as alcohol and drug treatment, therapy and follow-up care.

FFP is working with the Prison to develop a boxing programme designed to help young people to fully engage with the range of services open to them. The sport will also be used as a therapeutic tool in itself, helping young people manage and channel aggression. The Prison is also exploring links with boxing clubs ‘on the outside’ which young people can join after they are released to help them successfully re-integrate within their community.