Kibera Sports For Development

Location: Kibera, Nairobi
Combat sport: Capoeira
Focus areas: Sport, education, leadership development, entrepreneurship and employment
Established: 2007
Joined the FFP Alumni: June 2013
Contact: Vicent Ochieng

Kibera Sports for Development works to empower young people from Kibera through sports and education. They offer an elite athletics programme that involves taking at-risk young people out of disruptive and harmful environments and giving them an opportunity to fulfil their potential through sport. They primarily work with young people across the Kibera slums that are affected by violence. KSD list the four categories of violence experienced by young people in Kibera as Domestic Violence, Political Violence, Criminal Violence and GBV, and have developed responses to each of these areas.

KSD have a high-altitude training camp is in Iten, 380km from Nairobi where they conduct athletics camps, training and vocational skills programmes. They currently work with 220 young people; 113 boys and 107 girls, all ranging from 10-17 years old. KSD actively target children between the ages of 10-14 but many of the young people remain involved in the project beyond that age.

Vince is using capoeira to improve team-building, as well as flexibility and core strength. On the organisational side, he is adding to his programme developing greater youth leadership and decision-making at all levels of the programme. A serial entrepreneur who runs a number of social businesses, Vince is now looking to develop an iconic space and brand that can be recognised across East Africa.