Ironworks, PA

Location: Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA
Combat sport: Taekwondo
Focus areas: education, youth leadership, gender equality and health
Target Group: Young people ages 5-18, from low income and minority communities
Established: 2011
Joined the FFP Alumni: 2011

Ironworks uses its Taekwondo Plus curriculum to reach out to young people affected by gangs, sexual abuse, mental health and youth suicide, helping them to build a positive self-image and vision for their future. Students participate in weekly taekwondo and youth leadership classes where they address issues such as bullying, gender roles, defining values and self-confidence. Advanced students also take part in summer camps as assistant instructors and compete in national tournaments, providing them with opportunities to further build confidence and become role models for their peers in the community.

Ironworks is looking to expand through the local school system to impact more young people. After-school opportunities will be delivered in close partnership with the schools to ensure that Taekwondo Plus is integrated with the other teaching and services offered to young people.