The impact of our COVID-19 response 

01/06/2020 – Since Fight for Peace and Luta pela Paz (Fight for Peace in Brazil) ceased face to face activities some two months ago, we are very proud that our team of staff has succeeded in continuing to respond to the needs of our members in alternative and innovative ways.

As always, these efforts have been closely tracked by our Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) team who, throughout the year, measure the impact of our work with young people.

Our team at Fight for Peace has delivered 54 open access sessions on social media during this time, comprising boxing, muay thai, and strength and conditioning workouts, personal development sessions and employment support workshops. This content has been viewed 4,118 times on our Instagram and IGTV channels to date.

Additional motivational videos, aimed at providing advice, guidance and inspiration during the current challenging times and featuring Fight for Peace young people and staff, have meanwhile attracted 9,726 views at an average of 243 views per video.

And our Fight for Peace Support Services team has directly supported 211 young people across our programmes via remote check-ins, mentoring, one-to-one employability support and personal development sessions held in closed virtual spaces.

Our team at Luta pela Paz meanwhile have so far attracted 1967 engagements with their online combat sports and fitness sessions, and have delivered 58 virtual education classes to young people.

In addition, 638 Luta pela Paz members have been supported to work through issues they may be facing at this challenging time via remote contact with our Support Services staff. And young leaders in the Luta pela Paz Youth Council have met 15 times over the course of lockdown to discuss the current situation and approaches to responding to it.

Through the Fight for Peace Alliance, our partner organisations around the world  have been supporting one another at this difficult time, exchanging knowledge and ideas through regular online meetings. Eight virtual meetings involving partners have been held over the past two months, offering support and highlighting approaches to working in the current challenging scenario, with a further 11 exchanges taking place between individual organisations aimed at sharing best practice.

In total, 66 organisations from around the world have participated in these activities to date, with Fight for Peace staff also delivering 38 one-to-one consultancy support sessions to our partners organisations since lockdown began.

It’s uncertain how long lockdown will remain in place, as long as it does however, we are committed and determined to continuing our Support Plan, delivering holistic services and programmes to our young people. And as we do so, we invite you to join us on Instagram to follow first hand the delivery of this response to COVID-19.