Location: Soweto

Combat sport: Boxing

Focus areas: HIV/ AIDS affected families and orphans

Established: 2002

Joined the FFP Alumni: August 2013

Website: http://www.ikageng.org.za/

Contact: Bokang Shopane

Ikageng work specifically with at-risk/vulnerable youth and orphans most of whom have been affected by HIV/AIDS in some way – infected, or orphaned – and are heads of households. They exist to provide a platform that enable these young people become productive citizens by providing them with education, sport and health services.

Ikageng already use sport as a means to engage with some of their young people – currently through football combined with counselling on stigma issues and a wider range of educational and income-generating activities. Ikageng will seek to expand this use of sport by integrating boxing and martial arts within their wider youth support programmes.

They have identified B&MA as a means to specifically engage with the hardest to reach young people that might not otherwise respond to their existing activities. Ikageng’s particular expertise in drug rehabilitation and youth work, means they are well placed to adapt the Fight for Peace model to be relevant to the realities and challenges that face many of Soweto’s young people.

Recently Ikageng have received increasing requests for support from young people that are addicted to drugs. Many of the young people are also engaged in robbery to pay for their drug habits. Ikageng want to build a boxing and martial arts based approach to supporting these young people. Using the sports to attract them and provide a focus for their energies, and attaching a number of intensive pyscho-social interventions to help deal with their range of needs.