Golden Fist Boxing Club (Simeon Youth Movement)

Location: Port of Spain, Trinidad
Combat sport: Boxing
Focus areas: Youth development, education, violence prevention
Established: 1992
Joined the FFP Alumni: November 2012
Contact: Rawlson Dopwell on

The Golden Fist Boxing Club works alongside The Simeon Youth Movement community organisation and together they offer young people in the local neighbourhood boxing training, and other sports as well as mentoring, educational support and life skills. The organisations are run by Rawlson Dopwell who is one of Trinidad & Tobago’s national amateur boxing coaches. Rawlson took T&T’s only Olympic boxer to London 2012, and regularly turns out National Champions at all levels through Golden Fists.

The club is based in a community that is heavily affected by deprivation, gang divisions and incidents of serious violence including homicides. Having the national coach working in the heart of the community means that Golden Fist is incredibly effective in engaging the most hard to reach young people. Once engaged in training, those young people can be more easily supported with the education and life skills interventions.

Rawlson is working with FFP to structure and expand his programme. He intends to formalise the way the sport and youth work services interact, and to develop a funding proposition to bring in investment that allows the two organisations to move on from purely voluntary staffing. As a result more young people in Simeon Road will be able to access intensive programmes, bringing opportunity to the whole community.