Get to know Fight for Peace’s Five Pillars

17/07/2019 – What do we do when traditional models and approaches are no longer working? This is the question that motivated us to develop the Five Pillars methodology.

When Fight for Peace was founded in 2000, working with ten young people, we understood that what we needed was something to engage children and young people, and capture their attention.

Over the course of almost 20 years, we developed the Five Pillars methodology. With time we codified content and learning and began training other organisations in this methodology, so that they could adapt it to their realities. This is what we today call the Fight for Peace Alliance. To date we have trained over 160 organisations in over 25 countries, reaching over 250,000 children and young people.

What are the Five Pillars?

The Five Pillars methodology is the holistic approach we take to supporting the personal development of young people. The Pillars are Boxing & Martial Arts, Education, Employability, Support Services and Youth Leadership.

Through Boxing & Martial Arts, children and young people build strength and discipline, gain self-respect and learn that success comes through hard work and dedication. Our coaches use the values of combat sports to promote integration among young people as well as friendship, cooperation and solidarity.

Our Education Pillar offers programmes for young people who are not at school, or face difficulties in learning. By completing education courses at Fight for Peace, young people are able to return to, or continue their studies and gain the skills, qualifications and confidence to move on to bigger and better things.

In addition to combat sports and education, we provide training, professional guidance, vocational courses and job interview referrals. Our Employability Pillar works to support young people and our community to access the job market. In 2018, at our Rio Academy, 410 people gained job interviews through employability support and over 1,100 people received guidance at our careers fairs.

Our Support Services Pillar offers holistic support for young people to overcome any issues they face at home, at school or in their personal lives. We provide orientation, guidance, mentoring and legal and psychological support to our young people and their families.

We are proud that Fight for Peace promotes the development and leadership potential of young people. Through our Youth Leadership Pillar, our young people develop their leadership skills and participate in strategic and decision making processes at every level. In this way Fight for Peace really is designed for young people, by young people!