Future Champs

Location: Cape Town
Combat sport: Boxing
Focus areas: Boxing, life skills, education
Established: 2009
Joined the FFP Alumni: November 2013
Website: www.futurechamps.net
Contact: Jeremy Bean

Future Champs, founded and led by entrepreneur, boxing promoter and branding expert, Jeremy Bean, have an innovative model of using shipping containers to cheaply and quickly set up boxing gyms in economically deprived areas.

Their flagship, full-sized gym has been built out of 4 containers. The container gyms are strikingly branded with graffiti style spray paint, which creates an urban look attractive to young people. It also offers the potential for wrap-around branding for gym sponsors.

Inside the gyms are punching bags, competition standard boxing rings and high quality training equipment. Future Champs also partners with existing boxing clubs, which become Future Champs satellite gyms that can then access Future Champs’ network, equipment, coaching and organizational support, and growth opportunities.

The model is designed as both a way of developing and accessing young boxing talent and supporting youth development through sport in the most under-resourced and vulnerable communities of South Africa.