Location: Freetown

Combat sport: Karate

Focus areas: Youth crime and violence, drugs, gangs, unemployment

Established: 2009

Joined the FFP Alumni: March 2014

Contact: Matthew Kenneh

Foundation for Democratic Initiatives and Development was founded to work with young people affected by crime and violence but has since expanded to work on the interlinked issues of drug abuse and Gender-Based Violence as well. Their focus includes advocacy for young people in disadvantaged communities and media campaigns to raise awareness area about the issues facing young people in deprived areas of the city.

They also deliver daily outreach and mentoring to support young people in the ghettoes and youth ‘hideouts’ who are involved in risky behaviours – encouraging them to step away from the violence and choose a more constructive path.

FDID’s vision is to develop a physical space for young people to access a range of support services including education, employment support and mentoring. They intend to deliver martial arts as a hook to attract and then engage with some of those most at-risk young people in their community.