Fitness and Nutrition on the Summer Twilight Programme

14/08/2019 – Young people are participating in a six week Summer Twilight Programme at our London Academy, promoting physical fitness and personal development, and offering healthy and nutritious post training meals.

The programme, which is supported by Newham Giving and Sport England, recognises that for many children aged 7-14, summer holidays can be a challenging time in terms of both having positive activities to take part in and receiving the correct nutrition they require to succeed in their daily lives.


The summer programme runs every Monday and Wednesday afternoon, participants gathering at the London Academy to take part in activities and games focused on boosting physical fitness, supporting personal development and developing life skills. The group then sits down together for a freshly prepared meal. Every Friday, all of the participants go on an external trip accompanied by Fight for Peace staff. Trips to date have included to the Planetarium, to a trampoline park and to a Bicycle Safety workshop.

“I think this programme is a really valuable way of keeping children engaged and active mentally and physically over the summer months”, explained a parent of one of the participants. “The days are filled with educative activities and discussions and, most of all, the programme helps to create more happy memories.”

Twilight materia

The course is delivered by London Academy Combat Sports coaches and Support Services staff members, including former Fight for Peace members who have transitioned into staff roles as part of our Next Gen programme. Currently almost 40% of London Academy staff are former Fight for Peace members.

Allyson Julien, on of the programme coordinators, is really pleased by both how the course is going and the development of the participants:

“Seeing the development of the young people on this year’s Summer Twilight Programme is wonderful. The summer holidays are such an important time for these children and having educational and fun activities available to them, with the crucial component of a healthy meal, is a great opportunity for them and their families. These young people are training together, learning together, going on trips together and preparing and eating meals together and that links in so well with our values as an organisation. I am really looking forward to the remaining weeks of the programme.”