28/03/2017 – Fighting for Peace, a feature film which follows the lives of two young Fight for Peace boxers from Rio de Janeiro’s Maré complex of favelas, last night had its first UK screening at an event hosted at the Soho Hotel, London.

The film, fruit of two years of work by Red Rebel Films and co-produced by Madonna, deals with the tough reality of a community suffering from violence, exclusion and social inequality and the obstacles young boxers Sugar and Douglas overcome in pursuit of their dreams.

“The film is a perfect example of the reality of thousands of people who live in the favelas of Rio. It’s a very real depiction of what young people have to confront on a daily basis when living in communities like Maré. Our objective at Fight for Peace is to help them prepare to face these challenges and overcome them”, explained Luke Dowdney, Fight for Peace’s Founder & Director.

For Sugar, being the protagonist of an international film is a source of great pride, but he hopes the film makes people reflect about the realities that he, Douglas and so many others live in. “I hope that people see that life has never been easy, especially when you are born in a family like mine, but that with perseverance and willpower, you can achieve your objectives. If you don’t have that strength, you will end up going down the wrong path”, said Sugar.

This latest screening of Fighting for Peace follows two similar events held in New York and Los Angeles at the end of 2016, a year which also saw the film win the Jury Prize at the Baghdad International Film Festival.

The London screening, hosted by broadcaster and commentator Ronald McIntosh and attended by a variety of guests including Fight for Peace supporters and members and figures from the world of boxing, included a panel discussion which followed the film. On the panel, Fight for Peace members Naima Swaleh and Kenny Udenwoke were joined by Luke Dowdney, Founder & Director of Fight for Peace and Marcellus Baz, Founder of Fight for Peace Global Network partner Nottingham School of Boxing in presenting their thoughts and experiences and fielding questions from the audience.

A special thank you to Fight for Peace’s Global Partners Credit Suisse who generously supported the staging of this event.