Defence For Children International – SL

Location: Freetown
Combat sport: Karate
Focus areas: youth crime and violence, gangs, rehabilitation
Established: 1998
Joined the FFP Alumni: March 2014
Contact: Sumaila Banie Seisay

DCI are an international organisation that works on child rights and protection. In Sierra Leone special focus is placed on young people involved in crime and violence and/or who are currently going through the criminal justice system.

They will pilot the introduction of boxing and martial arts in one area of Freetown to work with gang members and those involved in crime and violence. DCI believe that by adding these sports to their existing anti-violence work will make their programme more attractive to their target beneficiaries and allow them to reach more of the most at-risk young people in this community.

From there, the plan is to implement these services in a number of remand homes across Freetown and ultimately develop a purpose-built facility that delivers boxing and martial arts training alongside ICT skills training and basic education provision.