Location: Muthurwa, Nairobi

Combat sport: Boxing

Focus areas: Boxing, employment, personal development.

Established: 2006

Joined the FFP Alumni: June 2013

Contact: Girland ‘Coaches’ Ndirangu

The Muthurwa community is particularly vulnerable to the increasing problem of street gangs and tribal militias both of whom contributed the catastrophic post-election violence of 2008 that saw thousands losing their lives and many more made homeless.

Dallas Boys Self-Help and Welfare Group is the development arm of Dallas Amateur Boxing Club – set up to deliver youth mentoring and small-scale income generation activities to empower young people in this community. Whilst the boxing club has been around in some form for decades, producing some of Kenya’s finest boxing talents, Dallas Boys have now established themselves as an integral part of youth development in the community.

None of this would have been possible without the guidance of coach and Chairman, Girland ‘Coaches’ Ndirangu. Himself a former featherweight champion of Nairobi, he is now heavily involved in the local community and is Chair of the Peace Committee – which means he is mandated to make interventions and represent young people in judicial situations.

‘Coaches’ works with around 40-60 regular participants and then a wider circle of around 200 less frequent attendees. These young people are all from low income families and most have past or on-going gang affiliation. Through a programme of boxing combined with leadership and skills training, peer mentoring, vocational training and life skills classes, they are supported to leave the gangs and take a different path in life.

Through Fight For Peace, Coaches is now giving the young people in his organisation greater participation and leadership of the club. He is also working on the professionalization of the management of the club and establishing a structured programme of entrepreneurial & vocational training.