Courage, strength and sacrifice on the Fight for Peace boxing show

29/12/2018 – Entering the boxing ring in a competitive bout demands courage and strength while enormous dedication and sacrifice are required to reach the level of physical fitness necessary to compete. These qualities are nurtured across all of the boxing and martial arts disciplines offered at Fight for Peace, and they were demonstrated in spades by those competing on the organisation’s latest Boxing Show, held on Saturday in North Woolwich, London, in partnership with West Ham ABC.

A total of 18 bouts were staged over the course of the event, ranging from skills and schoolboy match ups to senior bouts and two London Intermediate Quarter Finals. Representing Fight for Peace were Laszlo Varga, Mohammed Muhidin, Dylan Oke and Kuba Raduszewski – the latter three all making their competitive debuts. While Laszlo found the going tough against an accomplished opponent, the Fight for Peace debutants all gained the victories they had worked so hard for.

“It was a good experience. I think that Fight for Peace was the best place for me to get my boxing debut”, said Dylan Oke following his unanimous victory. “I would say to anyone thinking of competing, go for it because once you are in the ring, there is no other feeling like that.”


An exhausted Kuba Raduszewski, who was rewarded for a courageous performance with a split decision win, talked about the importance of boxing in his life: “I feel drained but at least I feel like I accomplished something. Boxing is a life changing experience, it changes your fitness and also the way you see life. When I come to Fight for Peace, I feel that I am in the mix of people who have experienced what I have experienced, and we help each other as a team in everyday struggles or in fitness.”

Boxing is a key part of both Fight for Peace’s history and the methodology developed by the organisation to support young people to reach their full potential: “Combat sports promote respect, discipline and self-control and teach us that we get out only what we put in – seeing the performances of each of the competitors today, and knowing what they have gone through and sacrificed to get here, inspires us all to push our limits and dedicate ourselves to being the best we can be”, explained Head of Programmes at Fight for Peace London Jacob Whittingham.