Community Based AIDs Projects (COBAP)

Location: Kampala, Uganda
Combat sport: Boxing
Focus areas: HIV, Livelihoods, violence and crime prevention
Established: 1991
Joined the FFP Alumni: December 2012
Contact: Rachel Guttabingi

Whilst Uganda is nowadays a relatively stable country, the legacy of civil war remains and there are high levels of inequality with 40% of the population living below the poverty line.

COBAP works in the Nakulabye slum neighbourhood of Kampala where the community deals with typical issues of poor infrastructure, failing or absent services, and high levels of crime and violence. COBAP started out as an HIV programme providing counselling, testing, treatment and education to the community. Over time the organisation has expanded to serve the community in a range of different ways, and now programmes focus on issues including drug including drug abuse, crime and gang violence, education and skills training.

COBAP have long used sports as a platform for their work, and their boxing programme has over 100 fighters including the current Ugandan youth team captain. Working with FFP, COBAP is seeking to better integrate all the services they offer, ensuring that the boxing provision is closely tied to the social services and vice versa. In doing so they aim to improve the holistic impact they have on young people and to better serve those that are most entrenched in gangs and violence. Having a more consolidated approach will also help COBAP to stay on mission while they grow, and to attract more support for the work they do.