Reaching Young people by combining Education and Sport

02/06/2017 – A Fight for Peace programme has seen EduSport trainers lead a three day course for staff members from youth focused organisations in Kingston, Jamaica. EduSport is a games based learning programme designed by Fight for Peace Global Partner BREDS/Treasure Beach Foundation and supported by UNICEF, which uses children’s games to encourage proficiency in numeracy and literacy and hone life skills such as honesty, teamwork and leadership.

The course was made available to members of staff from organisations in Fight for Peace’s target communities in the Jamaican capital and offered training in the concept of EduSport and how to engage with and pass on key educational skills to children and young people.

Course participants were taught the games used by EduSport staff before delivering mock lessons to the rest of the group of trainees. Day one of the three day course also included a sensitisation session, during which the participants were encouraged to give feedback on each other’s lessons and analyse the value of these games for children and young people.

In addition, the course also covered working with young people with physical disabilities and modifying EduSport games to prioritise inclusion and participation. Sasha Dixon, one of the course participants and a basketball player and coach from Parade Gardens, found this part of the course particularly informative. “As a teacher and a coach, I will now always be more aware of the possibility that there might be more going on, not that they’re simply being rude”, Sacha explained.

EduSport’s methods facilitate interaction between teachers and pupils and are an effective way of encouraging the participation of all children, especially boys, who can be less willing to take part voluntarily in activities. The reactions of the participants were encouraging and highlighted EduSport’s innovative approach to learning and youth development.

Denham Town resident Yonique Campbell found the course particularly informative and she is confident it will have a constructive effect on the young people in her community. “I found it really impressive. These kids are constantly exposed to a lot of violence, so this is a great way for them to have fun as well as learn without feeling any negativity around them”, said Yonique.

Jessica Burke, who is a member of the Youth Council at Fight for Peace in Jamaica and was the youngest person to take part in the course, took away a great deal from the experience and hopes she can apply all that she learnt to her council meetings. “I learned a lot, it was fun and engaging. It felt like everyone there was at one with each other,” Jessica added.