Civil Contribution Concepts

Location: Soweto, Johannesburg
Combat sport: Boxing
Focus areas: Social enterprise, education, environmental management, sports
Established: 2012
Joined the FFP Alumni: August 2013
Contact: Thabo Masilo

CCC were referred to FFP by the Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship having been initially set-up as a recycling social enterprise. They have since expanded to work with schools to get students to participate in education programmes and raise awareness about recycling in schools.

Founded by Thabo Masiol, CCC also runs a mentoring programme where university students are paired with young people to provide academic tutoring, youth support and mentoring. He now has plans to extend that mentoring programme into schools and areas where drop-outs and violence are significant issues – whilst also focusing more on improving literacy amongst the young people of these deprived areas.

As well as expanding the reach of his existing activities, Thabo is looking to widen the work of his CCC programme to include boxing and martial arts, integrating this within his existing youth mentoring and education activities.

Thabo actively participated in the sports available to the participants whilst on the GAP training and it was this participation in a boxing session that allowed him to fully understand the principles behind the FFP methodology. He is now keen to not only deliver boxing but also participate himself!