Child UK

Location: Borehamwood
Combat sport: Boxing and mix of martial arts
Focus areas: Youth at risk, reducing youth crime and youth leadership
Established: 2005
Joined the FFP Alumni: May 2014
Contact: John Manitara

CHILD UK was created with the aim to achieve a beneficial and sustainable impact on the physical and emotional welfare of children and young people, transforming their lives and enabling them to fulfil their potential to create a better future society. They work across the south east of England and are a fast expanding organization delivering a range of sports and arts programmes.

CHILDUK believe the essential elements of achieving our aim are building confidence and self-esteem. They encourage high levels of participation in our activities by delivering on young people’s needs and interests, and enhancing their enjoyment. They work in mostly socially deprived areas with the aim of leaving a positive legacy at each location by encouraging young people to gain accreditations and qualifications that we work with and by mentoring them. This often leads to young people volunteering and being pointed in the right direction for their career pathways.

CHILDUK will work with FFP to introduce boxing and martial arts programmes with personal development to their already existing programmes. CHILDUK understand the power of these sports to engage with harder to reach young people and will be formalizing their delivery around these sports.