05/05/2020 – As we move into our seventh week of lockdown, we invited Isa – one of the young champions from our London Academy – to tell us how he’s been continuing to stay mentally and physically fit, and his tips for remaining resilient during challenging times:

“I’ve been doing loads of online classes to help maintain my fitness and alongside that I have also been doing some running as my outdoor exercise with my dogs. The online classes have been a great way to socialise with my teammates and coaches who I wouldn’t get to see due to the lockdown.

My day usually consists of doing my online training sessions in the morning, having lunch and doing school work, going for a run with my dogs and doing the 5pm Fight for Peace workouts which are brilliant! In the evening I relax by playing some games or watching TV or I will train my dogs to get them ready for dog shows.

I’ve been keeping myself mentally busy by doing my educational work which has been provided by my school as well as reading up on things that interest me and building up on my knowledge on it.


One of the most challenging things right now in lockdown has been not having my freedom to do what I love when I want too. I miss training altogether in one place with my friends, family and teammates as we can communicate, have banter, loads of laughs and most importantly push each other to be better than when we last trained. I find it way better when I train in a group than individually.

The main thing I miss about Fight for Peace is all the members of staff who for me are my family. Every single one of them. I miss the unconditional love, encouragement and support I receive from them. Under lockdown, I haven’t started anything new or different besides the online classes but I’ve set new challenges within my end goal, like increasing my cardio.

My message to everyone right now would be stay strong, stay healthy, stay safe, you are not alone, if you need help reach out. Don’t lose your dreams, stay focused on your end goal and be positive. God bless us all.”

Check out Isa’s training video on our Instagram page @fightforpeace