Brotherhood Boxing Club

Location: Brooklyn/Queens
Combat sport: Boxing
Focus areas: Boxing, personal development, youth support, counseling
Established: 1997
Joined the FFP Alumni: November 2013
Contact: Ray Cuadrado

Brotherhood Boxing Club is based on the border of Brooklyn and Queens, New York. A family run boxing club, Head Coach Ray Cuadrado and his wife Liza, have been supporting young people across the community for nearly two decades.

Brotherhood goes beyond the traditional boxing club to provide young people with positive role models, mentoring and strong leadership to help them develop into young adults who give back to their community. This approach has a history of producing great ring and life champions – with graduates from the programme going on to become policemen and doctors, not to mention professional boxers.

They are currently working with FFP to introduce a more formal range of Youth Support Services consisting of:

Weekly personal development space for young people to come together
Monthly personal development sessions with guest speakers and educational visits
Monthly 121s with a licensed social worker to allow young people to receive support and allow Brotherhood to continue responding to YP needs and improving their range of support available
Complementing these support services will be the introduction of a Youth Leadership structure, more structured education support and expanded career guidance.