Bright Generation Community Foundation

Location: Ashanti Region, Ghana
Combat sport: Boxing
Focus Areas: crime reduction, criminal justice reform, youth development
Target Group: young people aged 15-35, who are involved in crime and / or drug abuse, and out of employment and education
Established: 2006
Joined the FFP Alumni: 2011
Contact: Mohammed Bun Bida

BGCF is a non-governmental organisation delivering a number of programmes to help fight the cause of vulnerable and deprived women, youth and children in Ghana by harnessing their enormous potential, energy and creativity.

BGCF’s boxing programme is designed to deliver youth crime prevention, an effective alternative to custodial sentencing, and a humane approach that is proportionate not only to youth offences but also to the circumstances of a child offender. The programme targets young people who are living in poverty, especially those who are isolated following economic migration, and who often have become involved in drug abuse, criminal activity, prostitution and gangs, and who are unskilled and unemployed. The programme combines boxing with a range of youth training and support interventions: civic education; basic literacy; ICT training; and interactions with parents.