Fight for Peace boxer wins British Universities and Colleges Sport Championship

12/06/2017 – Fight for Peace boxer Milambo Makani has been crowned British Universities and Colleges Sport Championship (BUCS) champion, making him the number one student fighter in the UK in his weight category. Following an extremely tough semi-final match up, the three year Durham University Boxing Club Captain breezed through the final bout of the competition with some ease.

During his time at Durham University, where he has just completed his final exams of a Law degree, Milambo has been training under the guidance of Paul Lysaght (pictured), Founder and Coach of the Durham Community Boxing Club, a community organisation which recently joined the Fight for Peace UK Alumni Programme (UK AP). For Paul, Milambo’s win was fully expected and confirmed the fighter’s misfortune in not picking up the title in 2016, having reached the final of the same competition.

“Milambo is a joy to train, he is dedicated and headstrong, the first in the gym and the first to help others. His talent shone through in this BUCS competition and it was no surprise to me that he emerged as the champion – he made it look easy”, said Paul.

An east London resident, Milambo began boxing back in 2012 and he credits the competitive environment at Fight for Peace with making him see the sport differently. “At the start, boxing was something practical for me. In the environment I grew up in, people were either part of a gang or a victim, so I began boxing because I thought it could be a practical way of helping me defend myself. The message that you can do something in your life that I got from Fight for Peace, and from the personal development sessions, kept me training at the Academy and kept me boxing”, explains Milambo.

Milambo is certainly doing something with his life, having completed his studies in the North East of England, he is due to return to his home in the capital where he has received an offer of a training contract at a London law firm. This is great news for Fight for Peace, as Milambo intends to return to train at the London Academy, just as he has regularly done during breaks from his studies.

“Fight for Peace is a special family for me, it was always an outlet that I needed when I was at college and a place where I met and made lots of friends. We were all boxing enthusiasts and the gym was the centre of our friendship. I love the positive message of Fight for Peace. This positive message, among so many negative things in life, was important for me,” added Milambo.

Talking to this young boxer, it is easy to see the drive and tenacity which has seen him become a leader and a champion. His message is that “boxing is about discipline, it’s about mastering your own circumstances and not allowing your circumstances to master you”, a concept that is central to the values and principles of Fight for Peace and its partners.