Berkshire Youth

Location: Reading
Combat sport: Boxing
Focus areas: Youth at risk, reducing youth crime, education and youth leadership
Established: 2005
Joined the FFP Alumni: May 2014
Contact: Greg Swann

Established in 1940, Berkshire Youth (BY) provides support to youth leaders and young people across Berkshire. BY have continued to develop new opportunities for both youth leaders and young persons over this considerable period. BY support young people directly and support clubs and organisations that offer support to young people.

BY deliver a wide range of sport art and youth development activities through four core areas of working: ACTIVITIES: Through their activities team, BY strive to encourage young people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The activities team offer a range of competitive and non-competitive events for young people to become involved in – promoting participation for life. TRAINING: BY’s training department provides a range of opportunities for volunteer workers and young people. BY aims to improve the recognition of the work delivered to young people every week across the county. ACTION: Volunteers are the backbone of BY. Action is not just about volunteering; we also encourage young people to take positive action within their own community, to become the next leaders and to involve others in shaping services to young people. CLUB SUPPORT: BY is involved in supporting clubs and they also affiliate their members to Ambition and UK Youth.

BY support a number of boxing clubs and it is one of these (Reading ABC) that BY will link up with to develop leadership, education and personal development programmes to add to Reading ABC’s boxing coaching. This will be a pilot project which it is envisaged will be rolled out through AMBITION (which BY are affiliated to) across the country.