Asociasion Deportiva Cultural Boxeo VMT

Location: Lima, Peru
Combat sport: Boxing
Focus areas: Youth violence and crime, exclusion, personal development
Established: 2009
Joined the FFP Alumni: December 2012
Contact: Maria-Pia Iglesias
Website: Boxeo VMT on Facebook

Following many years of political instability and violence, Peru is now classed as a middle-income country with strong economic prospects. But that prosperity is accompanied by inequality and marginalisation. In Lima particularly, certain neighbourhoods suffer high levels of youth unemployment and in recent years there has been an increase in gang violence and drug-trafficking.

Boxeo VMT is a grassroots organisation, set up to respond to young people struggling with life in one Lima’s most difficult neighbourhoods by offering boxing lessons combined with psycho-social support. Over the two years they’ve been operating, Boxeo VMT have successfully engaged young people, built trust in the local community, and built a strong core set of services. They’ve also built credibility as an authentic boxing club.

Boxeo VMT are now working with FFP to consolidate and expand their work. They want to move from a volunteer led organisation to one that has full-time staff and increased capacity, and they’re going to formalise their personal development offering, build on the existing psycho-social support and counselling, and add new education activities.