Ashton Community Trust

Location: Greater New Lodge, North Belfast, Northern Ireland
Combat sport: Boxing
Focus areas: Crime reduction, Peace, Youth Development, Education, Training, Employment, Good Relations, and Social Enterprise
Established: 1981
Joined the FFP Alumni: July 2014
Contact: Katrina Newell

Ashton Community Trust (ACT) exists to promote positive change and improve the quality of life of the North Belfast community. ACT was set up in 1981 by a group of local people to address local need; local residents bought shares, contributing whatever they could each week and a share could be bought for £35. ACT has grown consistently from that point on and now employs over 160 people, the large majority of whom come from the local community.

ACT delivers programmes through six key service strands: Childcare and Family Support, Health and Well Being, Training and Employment, Community Development, Arts and Youth Development, and Social Enterprise, and they work across a number of sites in the New Lodge area.

ACT will work with FFP to identify boxing and martial arts clubs to support young people on a journey from boxing and martial arts through ACT’s existing services of youth development, leadership, education, training and employability support.