Alternative education at Tamworth Boxing Club: Lucas’ story

30/03/2020 – Although Lucas* had previously attended Tamworth Boxing Club – a Fight for Peace Alliance member – at 13 he was facing a number of issues in his life and wasn’t able to continue boxing. At 16, Lucas returned to the club, this time to take part in their TEN (Tamworth Enterprise Network) programme, which offers an alternative educational programme to young people who have been excluded or are at risk of exclusion from formal education.

Lucas faced significant and complex difficulties at a young age and, as a result, when he joined Tamworth Boxing Club’s TEN programme he hadn’t accessed mainstream school since he was 13 and had been out of education for 18 months. 

Despite these barriers, within a couple of weeks, Lucas’ attendance was up to one hundred percent and he has been excelling in the programme. Lucas now has a Level 2 qualification in English and Maths as well as having completed a Level 2 fitness course. He continues to attend sessions on time or early, even asking to come in over the holidays!

Now that he is able to focus again on boxing, Lucas is very determined, and boxing and fitness are a very important part of his life. Through support from the programme at Tamworth, Lucas has been able to reflect on his aspirations and goals and has applied for a position with the British Army which is a career he found suited to his personality type and allows him to continue to focus on his fitness and boxing goals.

Lucas feels that coming to Tamworth Boxing Club was a huge support to him building a positive future for himself and he feels like he has found a second family. Tamworth Boxing Club has long been committed to sports development and community work and is one of the Fight for Peace Alliance partners taking part in the Creating Pathways programme.

The organisation has been a valued member of the Alliance for over five years and has hosted a number of Alliance events focused on knowledge and best practice sharing between partners.

*The name of this young person has been changed to protect their privacy.