01/05/2020 – At our London Academy, just as across our work around the world, our members are leading the way in inspiring our response to COVID-19.  These young people are embracing a champion mindset and embodying the spirit of Fight for Peace: to never stop, to never quit and to face and overcome obstacles in our paths.

Among the many examples of young people embarking on positive initiatives during lockdown, Asim has created his own instagram page, @dailystriver, dedicated to sharing daily motivational and inspirational ideas and phrases. Day 22’s phrase was ‘Winners are not people who never fail, but people that never quit’. In his post description, Asim added “resilience is a seed that every one of us has. It’s up to you and me to nurture that seed.”

Athena has tapped into her skills and knowhow as a boxer to deliver two live Box and Burn workouts on the Fight for Peace instagram page. She has also made a guest appearance on our regular personal development focused Saturday Live session sharing her thoughts on dedication and discipline.

Another Fight for Peace boxer, Saf has also been promoting fitness and exercise by creating videos of workouts hosted in his living room and encouraging his peers to give Netflix a rest and stay active. And Nathaniel, a former Fight for Peace member who recently transitioned into becoming part of the London Academy combat sports coaching team, is using the extra time he has in isolation to develop and launch his IntelGym website which is focused on the retail of home workout equipment.

Anthony, a musician and member of Fight for Peace has been sharing lyrical messages through his social media platforms. His posts carry a powerful message about how we can use our time in quarantine: “I need to spend more time with my loved ones, not only on occasions or the fun stuff / Create more memories and get my funds up / Less of what I hate more of what I love / Get yourself off the ground, fly like a dove / Train and meditate, all of the above.”

And our Lutadoras, a group of young women working together to promote personal growth, have been exchanging recipes for healthy and tasty meals, along with inspiring photos of nature and thoughts on confidence and self-esteem. This was one of the profound pieces of advice shared by participants: “If we want to achieve a state of mind to improve our self-esteem then we gotta keep working on it all the time. And always embrace all of the unique, perfect, imperfect and amazing things about ourselves because all those things make us all beautiful.”

Beyond these examples, other Fight for Peace members are demonstrating their resilience in less public but equally important ways, by establishing their daily routines, supporting their families and loved ones, and taking care of their physical, mental and emotional health.

Resilience and a champion mindset come in many forms, all of which are unified by a determination to never give up and to face adversity with strength and courage. And this is the approach that we will continue to take at Fight for Peace – inspired, motivated and led by our members and young leaders.