London Academy hosts UK AP training course

14/07/2016 – Seven organisations from across the UK came together at the Fight for Peace London Academy for the fourth UK Alumni Programme (UK AP) training course. Participating were: Strike Academy (Londonderry), TAMHI (Belfast), Aberdeen Boxing Club (Aberdeen), 2nd Chance (South-West England), St. Columb’s Park House (Londonderry), Achievement Through Football (Southend) and Monkstown Boxing (Belfast).

The participants were given comprehensive training covering a total of eleven modules which ranged from Fight for Peace’s Five Pillar Methodology to ultilising organisational development tools. The main objective of the UK AP training programme is for alumni members to adapt Fight for Peace’s methodology to their local contexts, having the opportunity to select aspects that most benefit and suit their organisations and their community.

The course offers alumni members a chance to take time out of the daily running of their organisations and reflect on new ideas:

The UK AP course provides participants with a unique opportunity to really step back and reflect on how they would like to shape their organisations. Fight for Peace shares tools with alumni members so that they can mould their organisations, and the end result is up to them”, said UK AP Trainer, Ana Vacas.

Coordinators from across Fight for Peace’s Five Pillars were heavily involved in contributing to the content of the course while alumni members also met with the London Academy Youth Council and participated in Boxing & Martial Arts sessions in the evening. In addition, this year guest speakers from organisations from Fight for Peace’s Global Network attended the course and were able to share their insights and experiences.

At the end of the intensive four day course, participants were excited to get started on adapting Fight for Peace’s methodology to their own communities, as Strike Martial Arts Academy’s Daniel Quigley explained:

“Fight for Peace have a unique programme, which is all inclusive to all young people and this is what I would like to bring to the young people of my academy. I have been filled with confidence and fresh ideas on how I can make Strike Martial Arts Academy a better service to my community as a whole.”

Participants are currently developing their adaptation plans for the coming twelve months and will have Fight for Peace on hand for continued support and exchange.