Martial artist Paulão on sport as a tool for growth

23/11/2016 – Paulo Vinícius, or Paulão as he is more commonly known at Fight for Peace, has been a member at the Rio de Janeiro Academy for the past nine years. Paulão does judo and Brazilian jiu jitsu, loves training and is a keen Instagram user where, under the handle @manooboy, he registers his passion for life and sport. In his sporting career so far, the Brazilian has won a total of 25 medals; 8 gold, 9 sliver and 8 bronze:

When I first came to Fight for Peace back in 2007, I began by doing boxing but I didn’t take to it very well. In 2010, I started wrestling and one year later I began doing an accelerated education course at Fight for Peace. Later, in 2012 I started judo and this Saturday I got my brown belt in this martial art! In 2014, I added Brazilian jiu jitsu to the sports I participate in and today I am focusing on judo and jiu jitsu so that one day I can become a champion.

Having been a member for nine years at Fight for Peace, I can say that what I like best is the family atmosphere. Over a period of two years I was part of the Youth Council, representing my peers in the sport of judo. Being a Councillor meant that I got to know the majority of the young people at Fight for Peace. I am currently working in a Printer’s but, if I didn’t have to go to work, I think I would spend all day every day training at Fight for Peace.

Sport gives young people a great chance to grow and, in this community, it is really difficult to find an NGO that provides so many opportunities. I like everything about sport. I have already tried lots of different sports, I like going to different gyms, training with different athletes and participating in championships. My biggest dream is to make a living out of sport, study Physical Education at university and become a sporting champion. I want to be a sporting champion and also a life champion.