Sport for Rehabilitation in Kingston, Jamaica

17/05/2017 – Fight for Peace recently completed delivery of the second stage of a sport for development training programme to correctional officers in Kingston, Jamaica. This latest stage, which followed an original three-day course held in December 2016, was delivered in partnership with the Jamaican Department of Correctional Services (DCS) and forms part of the Department’s strategy to include more sports activities in the rehabilitation of Jamaican prisoners.

In stage one of the course, the participating prison guards were invited to take part in a three day training session, during which they were introduced to Fight for Peace’s methodology and the importance of including life skills in sports sessions. The officers were taught about the characteristics of a coach that integrates these skills into their activities, as well as organisational values and the effectiveness of boxing and martial arts as an anger management and aggression reduction tool.  

Stage two of the programme focused on the practicalities of delivering these newly-learnt skills. The training included Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) techniques and how to design and deliver sports sessions with integrated life skills. It also involved training in capoeira, which will be introduced in the chosen correctional facilities.  

According to Senator the Hon. Pearnel Charles, Jr, Minister of State for National Security, the course complimented the Ministry’s efforts to provide more effective rehabilitation in its prisons. “Our officers and inmates have benefited from the infusion of the Brazilian martial art form, capoeira, and life skills training as it appeals to the varying interests of our inmates and is attractive to our largely male incarcerated population,” the Senator reported. “We look forward to a successful partnership as we strive to transform lives and create productive citizens who are prepared to re-enter our society”, he added.  

Thelma Grayson, one of the correctional officers who took part in the course also pointed to the success of the training programme. “The training through Fight for Peace was an enlightening one that truly motivated me. I left fully empowered ready to start the programme of teaching life skills through sport for development so as to facilitate behavioural change in young people”, Thelma revealed.