Sport 4 Rio holds its second meeting

17/03/2017 – The second meeting of Sport 4 Rio, a project based on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Objectives (SDOs), took place on 14th March at Bola pra Frente. During the meeting, which had as its focus the theme of Quality Education, young members of Bola pra Frente presented their organisation to other participants, and integrated and build relationships through dance classes and ball games.

Former professional footballer and Bola pra Frente Founder Jorginho, a huge source of inspiration for local children in the Muquiço favela, spoke about the host organisation’s goal of offering activities to vulnerable young people in underprivileged communities. He also outlined the importance of education in maximising the future potential of these young people.

“It’s really interesting to see how materials are made available to all of the children involved here, allowing them to take part in the activities. We were given uniforms and boots, in the same way that young people at Fight for Peace get gloves and kimonos. This way, no child feels left out,” explained Viviane Carmem, Fight for Peace Support Services Coordinator.

“Through sport, the projects make children and teenagers see the world differently – sport opens doors. This project is really cool – the integration between organisations, helping different children and letting them live a little of each others experiences is great”, said Karina, a pupil at Bola para Frente.

“This form of sport combined with education can achieve a lot. It really does transform the children. I really believe that this meeting is just the beginning of a much bigger project; one that has enormous potential to help many people. We’re changing people’s lives through our work”, added Bola pra Frente Founder Jorginho.

All of the young people who took part in the event were given kits at the end of the day containing a bag, a t-shirt, a pad of paper and a pen. The Sport 4 Rio initiative now looks forward to three further upcoming workshops on Gender Equality, Responsible Consumption and Production and Reaction to and Reduction of Inequality, due to be delivered by Fight for Peace, Instituto Reação and Gol de Letra respectively.