Sony Music visits Fight For Peace

Last week, a number of executives from Sony Music visited Fight for Peace and delivered a one-day personal development workshop on the theme of Music and Identity. This proved an excellent opportunity for participants of Pathways and Fight for Peace sports programmes to engage and share experiences with leaders in the music industry, including General Manager of

Music in Portugal and X Factor judge, Paulo Junquiero.
Fight for Peace’s Ismael Paulo leads the boxing session.

The day began with representatives of Sony delivering a team building session, with those present undertaking a range of activities relating to how identity is expressed through music. Later, roles were reversed as the musical executives donned the gloves and were put their paces by Fight for Peace Gym Instructor Ismael Paulo, supported by Open Access participants.
Part of the session involved a discussion of identity and music.

Reflecting on the day, Fight for Peace Education and Progressions Officer Alex Brown said:

“This event was a resounding success and a unique opportunity for young people at Fight for Peace to discover more about those at the forefront of the music business. It was inspiring to see the great interaction between our young people and the team from Sony.“