11/12/2018 – At the beginning of December, Fight for Peace delivered an intensive three day training course in Sport for Development and Peace to a team of staff from youth organisation Apadrinhe um Sorriso.

The immersive course was part of the Petrobras-funded Maré United programme, which uses knowledge acquired at Fight for Peace Academies to train community based organisations who invest in the personal development of children and young people. Apadrinhe o Sorriso has been working with young people in Duque de Caxias, Greater Rio de Janeiro, since 2009 and today supports more than 300 children, young people and women through a range of programmes aimed at the personal and educational development. Programmes offered include reading and conversation groups, social, psychological and legal support, and capoeira training.

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Over the three day training course at our Rio Academy, the staff team from Apadrinhe um Sorriso, all of whom are volunteers, took part in a range of activities and interviews with members of staff from Fight for Peace. The aim was to provide an in depth understanding of Fight for Peace’s methodology and structure which can be adapted to support Apadrinhe um Sorriso scale and strengthen its programmes, and guarantee its sustainability.

Bruno, a member of staff at Apadrinhe um Sorriso, explained the impact the three day training course had had on him: “These were three very intensive days of training in which we were really able to develop our partnership with Fight for Peace. The course gave us the opportunity to exchange lots of ideas and knowledge and really reflect on our organisation, especially thinking about what we can implement now and how we can develop in the future. The important thing was being able to exchange knowledge focused on the future of Apadrinhe um Sorriso”.

We continue united in our fight for peace, knowing that it is through our partnership with other organisations that, together with our young people, we can build a more peaceful society.