Female Fight for Peace members complete their second fearless training session

08/10/2017 – Female members of Fight for Peace have completed the second session of the Fearless training programme in Rio de Janeiro. The programme, known as Destemidas in Portuguese, uses running to support physical and personal development and aims to support 30 young female boxers and martial artists to realise their potential. Fruit of a partnership between Fight for Peace and Brazilian journalist Carol Barcellos, the training sessions seek to tackle questions of gender, health and wellbeing and prepare the participants to complete their first half-marathons or marathons by August 2018.

Parts of the second training session were delivered by professionals from the team that train Carol Barcellos for the physical challenges she takes on in her Extreme Planet series which airs on Brazilian TV channel Rede Globo. Specifically, the warm up and run were guided by Marcos Dantas, while instruction on breathing and relaxation techniques was delivered by yoga professional Adriana Dex.

While enjoying breakfast, the programme participants also received personalised guidance from nutritionist Duda Guaraná with the aim of ensuring that the young women’s diets supported their fitness objectives. Orthopedist Gustavo Asmar was also on hand to deliver a talk which included heath tips and advice on dealing with and recovering from specific injuries.

Also present at the event were Vice Consul of the USA, Viraj M. LeBailly, who took part in the running training, and Evelyne Coulombe, Consul General of Canada, who saw the results of the programme first hand.

Held in public places, part of the aim of the Fearless training sessions is to strengthen the image of women in a sporting context, encouraging more and more females to take part in fitness activities. “More than the physical aspects of the programme, we want to create safe environments to ensure that at risk young women can gain life skills”, added Ana Carolina, Sports Coordinator at the Fight for Peace Academy in Rio de Janeiro.