by London Academy Youth Councillor Naima Swaleh

08/02/2017 – Fight for Peace recently completed a round of interviews aimed at selecting seven new members to serve on the London Academy Youth Council – an integral part of youth leadership at the organisation and a new focus for a group who will guide Fight for Peace through 2017 and beyond.

The Youth Council is a body that comprises the core values of Fight for Peace; young people from all walks of life working together to grasp the issues affecting members and working together to architect solutions to these issues. All members are encouraged to articulate any new techniques or initiatives they have in mind, working collectively for the cause.

As part of the latest selection process, candidates completed a comprehensive interview with a panel of current Youth Councillors – the new members due to be announced at the Academy shortly.

“I want women to believe in themselves. Not to look at a gym filled with male fighters and feel intimidated. They are every bit as powerful. Being one of the few women at Fight for Peace who participate in all the martial arts classes, I want to inspire young girls and women to become active and commanding in all aspects! Starting with fitness,” said Naima Abdullah a Brazilian jiu jitsu athlete and Youth Council candidate.

Part of the job of the new members will be to architect a clear direction for the Council over the coming twelve months. Discussion is already under way as to how the new Youth Council will be modern and innovative with one aim for the new year being to increase women’s membership. Practical and specific skills building workshops will be available to members as well as instruction on how to build up confidence, a step-by-step guide to boost public speaking skills and a lot of fun filled and educational outings.