A natural end to Sport 4 Rio

12/06/2017 – Sport 4 Rio has come to a close with an event staged by the four organisations that make up the project. This meeting, the last in a series of six, was held at the Pedra Branca State Park in celebration of World Environment Day.

With each Sport 4 Rio meeting focusing on a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), the theme chosen for World Environment Day was ‘Life on Land’. This particular Goal seeks to protect the earth’s ecosystems on land, and encompasses managing forests, combating desertification and halting biodiversity loss. As such, the Pedra Branca State Park, with its 30,000 acres of mountains, forests and rivers, was the perfect place to introduce Sport 4 Rio young people to the concepts of biodiversity and environmental sustainability.

Upon arrival at the park, the 160 participants (40 from each organisation) were split into four groups, designed to encourage young people from different organisations to engage with one another. The groups then rotated through four different activities, including a trail around a part of the park, a workshop on the different plant and tree species growing in the park, and a visit to the park museum, where information was given about the history of the park and the different animal species present. The main activity, in keeping with the theme of the day, involved young people pairing up and planting 80 seedlings of the aroeira tree, which were donated by the State Garden of Guaratiba. 

Fight for Peace Support Services Coordinator, Viviane Carmen accompanied young people at the event and spoke highly of the Sport 4 Rio project. “I think more of these kinds of initiatives need to exist, ones that unite institutions that work with sport and education. We’ve learned a lot these last three months, not just the students, but the team too,” enthused Viviane.