Olympic Wrestling athlete scores bronze at Brazilian Championships

29/06/2017 – Sixteen year old Camila Pessoa, an athlete at Fight for Peace’s Rio Academy, has taken a step closer to her dream by taking home a bronze medal at the Brazilian Junior Olympic Wrestling Championships. Over the course of the competition, Camila fought five times and was rewarded by the kind of tenacity that has seen her excel in the sport since taking it up at Fight for Peace.

There is no doubt that the young athlete faced obstacles as she progressed through the championships, however her inner strength came through, with support from her coaches.

“During my second fight in the competition, there was a moment when I was losing four-two. I sat down to rest and I said to my coach Mosquito ‘it’s not going to work coach, she is stronger than me’ and he replied ‘she is not stronger than you, you are stronger, now go out there and turn this fight around’ and I did turn it around and won ten-six,” said a delighted Camila.

Camila, who is originally from the north east of Brazil and has only been training wrestling for a matter of months, has her sights firmly set of further triumphs.

“My dream is to get into the Brazilian national team and to compete at the Olympic, South American and Panamerican competitions, and Olympic wrestling is giving me this chance. I told my coaches Mosquito and Cavalo that I wanted to compete in Olympic wrestling as well as doing wrestling and they gave me lots of encouragement”, explains Camila.

Her ever improving skill, coupled with her innate focus and determination, suggest she will continue to thrive in the sport.

“My will to succeed comes from the fact that I want to change and I want to be remembered for something good and be someone’s inspiration”.