(Photo: John Kafunda takes on his opponent in his debut bout).

Muay Thai spectacular at Fight for Peace in London

05/12/2016 – Following hot on the heels of a successful boxing show and Awards Ceremony, the Fight for Peace Academy was last Saturday the stage for a hotly contested Muay Thai Interclub event. Interclubs feature muay thai fighters from Fight for Peace and martial arts clubs around London and place a firm focus on learning, testing skills and gaining experience in a competitive setting; there are no winners and no losers.

On this occasion, six fighters represented Fight for Peace in a total of 24 match ups. Dylan Oke brought the event to life midway through the afternoon with a confident and combative performance, the tempo being maintained by fellow home fighters Hamsa Ahmed and John Kafunda who showed positive intent and great fortitude. Later in the day, Zsolt Czike, Robertas Mariokas and Deividas Krisckinas, also representing Fight for Peace, equipped themselves well in three very competitive encounters.

(Photo: Hamsa Ahmed after his bout).

Making his debut in the ring, John Kafunda was buoyant after his bout: “Being my first fight, I felt nervous and anxious before getting in the ring. I wanted give it a go and see if I was good enough, I wanted to inspire myself and better myself. Now I have competed, I just feel hungry, now that I know I am capable of getting in the ring and performing well”, said John.

For Fight for Peace Sports Coordinator Steve O’Keeffe, the confidence these competitions give to the athletes involved is key: “Through these events we aim to give our fighters a chance to experience muay thai in a competitive but controlled environment. For myself and my fellow coaches, it is so inspiring to see these fighters not only perform so well but also grow in confidence and realise that they can be better, both inside the ring and beyond”, explained Steve.

Solidarity is a core value at Fight for Peace, and this was demonstrated in spades as fellow Academy members prepared, encouraged and acted as corner men for the athletes in the ring, while a passionate crowd added to the vibrancy of the spectacle. Those involved in the match ups now return to training with a new sense of confidence and purpose, the next Interclub event due to be held at Fight for Peace in early 2017.