10/10/2017 – Fight for Peace has staged its first Life Champions training programme, delivering a three day course in Stockholm, Sweden to 21 sports coaches from a total of eight organisations. The Life Champions Programme, which is supported by the Swedish Postcode Foundation, aims to equip a global network of combat sports coaches to use their sports as a tool for youth development – to create champions in the ring and champions in life.

The programme, which was delivered by Coaching Support Specialist Andrew Gillott, Fight for Peace Consultant Alex Brown and Fight for Peace Founder & Director Luke Dowdney, offered support to coaches in three key areas: becoming a Life Champions coach, creating a Life Champions environment and delivering the Life Champions curriculum. Within these areas, the course discussed the skills needed to combine being a great sports coach and a youth mentor, how to develop a safe, inclusive and values-based space and culture and the twelve practices a young person needs to develop in themselves to succeed in the ring and in life.

In addition to completing the intensive course, those participating on Life Champions received a set of materials for use in their sessions to deliver Life Champions activities with young people, and now become part of a global online community of combat sports coaches who will continue to exchange knowledge and expertise and support each other.