Learning support classes at Fight for Peace

07/11/2016 – Fight for Peace in Rio de Janeiro has introduced Learning Support Classes into its Education Pillar. These classes occur alongside the Pathways education course and are aimed at those in years six to nine of the Brazilian primary education system. These students receive pedagogical support which focuses on improving language and maths skills through games, library visits, group reading and individual tasks.

While these activities are not directly related to formal education and the school environment, Learning Support Classes serve as a key tool in aiding the cognitive development of children and adolescents and facilitating and encouraging new forms of learning.

Fight for Peace Education Assistant, Marcos Melo, explained that there exists a teacher deficit in the Maré complex of favelas, in particular those specialising in Portuguese and Maths which is why these subjects were chosen for inclusion in the Learning Support programme.

Municipal schools operate during the morning and early part of the afternoon. Consequently, Fight for Peace Learning Support Classes are held from 2pm to 4pm or from 4pm to 6pm so as to have greater impact on young people’s education. “Many students come to Learning Support directly from school. Here they have class and straight after train boxing or martial arts at the Academy”, says Marcos.

A central component of the Learning Support Classes is encouraging reading. As part of the course, students visit a local library to get to know the collection of books, sign up to the lending services and take part in group discussions and debates.