International Women’s Day: Rio’s Marina da Glória hosts Fearless training session 

08/03/2018 – Participants on Fight for Peace’s Fearless programme gathered early today at Marina da Glória, Rio de Janeiro for a special training session in celebration of International Women’s Day. Fight for Peace female members and journalist and project ambassador Carol Barcellos were joined at the session by US Consul General in Rio de Janeiro, Jimmy Story and Vice Consul General, Viraj Le Bailly. The event consisted of a special functional training session led by personal trainer Isabela Valente, followed by a yoga session with instructor Lu Brites.

The goal of Fight for Peace’s Fearless programme is to promote personal development among participants, focusing on empowerment and questions of gender, as well as developing their skills in the combat sports they train at Fight for Peace. The 30 young female participants, aged between 14 and 30 years old, are all residents of the Complexo da Maré community where Fight for Peace was founded, and train three times a week with the aim of running a half-marathon later in 2018.