Fight for Peace celebrates International Day of Peace together with the GREAT Britain campaign

21/09/2017 – Today Fight for Peace celebrates International Day of Peace, affirming its commitment to strengthening the ideals of peace and sharing the Day’s 2017 guiding values – Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for all.

This year’s celebration sees Fight for Peace featured on the GREAT Britain campaign, the UK Government’s largest ever international promotional campaign. Launched in 2012, the campaign is now present in 144 countries around the world, including in almost 300 cities. Today and over the next three weeks, Fight for Peace’s work will be highlighted on GREAT Britain’s social media channels while images and promotional materials will be displayed in UK embassies around the world.


On this day dedicated to respect, safety and dignity, Fight for Peace, its young people and staff, extends its hope for peace across our global family and reaffirms its pledge to stand up for peace wherever there is need.