Implementing Fight for Peace’s methodology via partner organisations.

The Fight for Peace Global Network generates impact in communities beyond those in which we work directly by training local partners in our methodology and providing consultancy support thereafter. This is done via three programmes:

Global Alumni Programme (GAP) – delivered by the Fight for Peace International team, GAP works with organisations across five continents.

Rede Brasil – delivered by the Fight for Peace team in Rio, Rede Brasil works with organsiations based in Brazil.

UK Alumni Programme (UK AP) – delivered by the Fight for Peace team in London, UK AP works with organisations based in the UK.

Youth involvement in crime & violence

Youth involvement in crime and violence is a global problem that affects hundreds of millions of children and young people around the world. Currently, 51 countries exhibit violent death rates of over 10.0 per 100,000. Young people between the ages of 15 and 24 years are the group most affected by this as both victims and perpertrators.

How local partner organisations are selected

Partner organisations are selected based on their potential to adapt the Fight for Peace methodology to their own community and context, and a proven ability to work with young people in communities affected by crime and violence.

How the programme works

Selected organisations receive a 12 month package of support that includes: six days of training in the Fight for Peace methodology at one of Fight for Peace’s Academies; 12 months consultancy to support adaptation of the model and develop organisational strength and programme delivery; access to Fight for Peace’s toolkit of resources; profile building through network membership; and opportunities to collaborate with other members of the network.

Country of origin Number of organisations People served Pillars Developed
Afghanistan 1 800
Bangladesh 1 3565
Belize 1 66
Botswana 1 1580
Brazil 7 1240
Colombia* 10 330885
Dominica 1 60
DRC 1 50
Ghana 1 800
Great Britain 20 16398
Jamaica* 13 5660
Kenya* 10 8344
Lebanon 1 40
Mexico* 10 9998
Northern Ireland* 10 7151
Nepal 2 105
Peru 1 56
Sierra Leone* 8 15832
South Africa* 15 81036
Suriname 1 50
Trinidad & Tobago* 8 644
Uganda 2 5413
USA 6 795
Zimbabwe 1 164

* Countries that include City Networks of more than seven local partner organisations within a city that have been trained by FFP and collaborate strategically or operationally together. City Networks to date include: Colombia, Jamaica, Kenya, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico and Northern Ireland.