Generation Entrepreneur at Fight for Peace

27/11/2017 – Employability Coordinator, Juliana Setubal, recently represented Fight for Peace at the Brazilian Forum of Microentrepreneurship. The event was hosted by the Entrepreneurial Alliance in partnership with the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, at the Faria Lima Financial Center Auditorium, Rio de Janeiro.

To open the Forum, the results of the first ever Mapping of the Support Ecosystem for Brazilian Microentrepreneurs was officially launched, an investigation whose objective was to map out the profile of Brazilian entrepreneurs based on geographic area, gender division, age range and other characteristics. Through it, microentrepreneurs, supporters and other stakeholders will be able to connect, collaborate and coordinate efforts to strengthen the microentrepreneurship sector in Brazil.

Organisers also held an Inspirational Panel: a space where invited experts and industry references discussed entrepreneurship in Brazil. It addressed topics such as Female Entrepreneurship, Young Entrepreneurship, Afro-Entrepreneurship and Rural and Forestry Entrepreneurship.

“Participating in this type of event is important as it helps us understand that the current Brazilian scenario requires us to think of alternative ways to help the young people that we support in Maré. Providing access to an entrepreneurship course is one of them. The event addressed issues related to youth entrepreneurship, gender diversity, race and ethnicity, topics that are pertinent to the young people we work with in Maré,” said Juliana Setubal, Coordinator of the Generation Entrepreneur programme at Fight for Peace.

Fight for Peace is a partner of the Entrepreneurial Alliance and together they offer training for young people between the ages of 18 and 35 who already own, or who wish to have their own business.