The organisation Future Champs, which is a member of the Global Alumni Programme (GAP), has just opened its first state- of- the- art satellite boxing gym made out of shipping containers in the Philippi Township in Cape Town. The organisation already runs four boxing programmes in different gyms throughout the city and the idea for a satellite gym came about due to the low set-up and maintenance costs, and the availability of used shipping containers in the area.

The Philippi flagship gym will provide sporting equipment, training facilities and support to empower young men and women through boxing. The gym also has a classroom attached to it for an after school homework support service. At the moment, there are two boxing sessions per day, with 60 young people per session, doing one hour of boxing and one hour of homework.

Jeremy Bean, Co-founder and Manager of Future Champs spoke of the significance of this gym:

“Philippi is known as the city’s murder capital. We now have a functioning gym as our flagship and from this, we aim to replicate our model and roll-out more gyms. We can now bring people to the gym to see it working in action. It has been a journey to get this gym built with no funding and we have had a major hustle to pull things off. We are now confident we can leverage things and exposure to raise funding to build the organisations to support capacity and roll these gyms out.”

The new gym not only services young people from the area but is also being used as a space for local and amateur championships. These tournaments bring the community together and keep local residents informed on up and coming talent.

A further vision for the satellite gyms programme is to provide brand and sponsorship opportunities for businesses. The nature of the gyms means that they can be built to fit specific design specs, as well as the possibility of custom built gyms, which provide innovative advertising spaces.

Although in its initial stages, Future Champs aims to expand the sports on offer at the gym as well as other services such as like-skills and career planning. Jeremy’s plans for the future are to build three more satellite gyms this year.

Click here to watch a video of a training session at the new Future Champs gym.

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